Thursday, May 8, 2014

Had a dream last night. Kind of wandered into it after it had started,as if I had missed the first 5 minutes of a movie,  and when I got there I saw myself at a museum where I was being welcomed with open arms. Apparently I had convinced the powers that be to let me spend the night in the museum. And it wasn't just any museum. One part of it looked like the Garden Court at the Met..and then it morphed into a Gilded Age mansion with shades of  a Tudor castle. Apparently all sorts of dramatic and historically important things had happened in the rooms. I was having lunch with a gentlemen who I recognized in my dream as a rock star in the museum word. He was elderly and courtly and kind and engaging and we were having a wonderful conversation. Then people sitting around us at different tables chimed in, asking questions and chatting and laughing.
Then I started my night in the museum.. I was totally trusted to do this. Even though the museum was rumored to be haunted, I didn't feel afraid..because from a few rooms over I heard the voice of another gentleman who reassured me with his presence while giving me space.  I went from room to room all night, with no restrictions and really no timetable..and  when I was done it was  morning.  I went outside through a dark green curtain and was on a   city street  that did and didn't look like any city street  I know. It was a misty morning and I had been up all night, but I wasn't exhausted, I was energized and happy and people were happy for me for what I had done.
Why was this such a good dream.. beyond the fact that exploring is one of my favorite things to do?
It was the sense of being embraced unconditionally. Welcomed and trusted and totally in sync with the people around me.  It was the sense of  freedom coexisting with  the sense of safety- I was on my own but knew someone was there with me in the next room.  It was sense of being valued. Everyone was happy to know be, be with me, and happy for me to succeed.
That's how I want my waking life to be. Things need to change.

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