Tuesday, August 20, 2013

To Flee or Not to Flee or The Vicious Circle

Due to job related  circumstances beyond my control (  decent money/close to home/  even  a  tad of satisfaction  thrown in every so often ) two night a weeks I am forced to eat  "dinner" at 4:45 pm. Now this would be fine if I was named Lillian  and lived in Boca, but I am more of a Dinner at 8 girl. Every day I struggle with the question.. Should I bring leftovers  from home and  partake in  our  aqua and orange circa 1982 staff room?
 Or, should I hit the open road and travel to Whole Foods, which is 5-7 minutes away, depending on traffic?  Then I think..all the studies say its good to get out in the course of a work day...and it is not going to rain  today ..and I  imagine the impending  "conversations" (I use the term loosely since its mostly just talking, but that is a whole other post)  in the above mentioned aqua/orange room..and I realize I need
cat food (see above) and the decision is made.
 Of course I will end up spending $50 on a handful of things none of which are necessary, except for the cat food of course.

And that is why I  can't take the hypothetical dream job at some fledgling  but amazing arts organization that will only pay $20,000 a year but will be amazingly fulfilling and creative...
The circle is complete. 

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